Music Production Course


A course based on the softwares LogicPro and Abletion. These two powerful DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation) are used in professional studios all over the world. We are teaching all the essentials and our very own Tips-and-Tricks that are required to Record tracks and to make your own Music.


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Music Production Course

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A Brief Introduction of the Course

Post- Production Summary

Today there is a masssive competition in the MusicBoz. We help you make your own market studies and how to promote yourdelf in this fast moving sceneof the Entertainment Industry. We are not only teaching you about music we offer you a Worldwide launch of the tracks that are made by the end of the course. So dont wait, Get your tracks launched on a worldwide scale and test your music-making skill against millions in the World.

Basic and Intermediate of Music Theory –

Bass (Synths and Guitars), Acoustic / Electric Guitar, Piano, Lead Synth Assist Elements, Pads, Ochestral, Keyboards, FX and many more.

VST/VSTi Essentials

Common Modules –

Oscillators, Wave Types, Filter, Polyphonic / Mono / Legato options voices, Unision, Detune Option, Filter Envelope, AmpEnvelope, LFOs, Delay Units, Distortions Types, Dynamics (Compressor, Limiter, etc.) EQ Techniques and Essentials, Filter types, Imaging, Mastering Pulgins, Modulation, Pitch, Reverb and a few more.




Abhishek Mantri – Owner and Founder if MMM.DJ&MUSIC  Producer – Post Production
Chinmay Tade – Dj and Music Producer. Will be teaching all the modules of Music Recording and Music Production

Track Releases